Hello tT freex!

From now on, this will be semi-public torrent tracker, of course still devoted to electronic music. Your seeds are still working, but the tracker announce URL has changed, so you must download torrent(s) again. All the torrent files are available in this zip archive. When you load them to your client which should recognize you still have the same albums you used to seed before.

Check the migrated torrent database at http://torrents.torrentech.org. U should be using your old username and tT V3 password you should've remembered from the previous site, but if you didn't - then please try to reset your password, and only then if you still have problems, you may contact pyc on Matrix channel.

Our Matrix chat channel is here: https://matrix.to/#/#torrentech:matrix.org.

Torrentech netlabel site is also up!

Greetings from pyc!